happy weekend!


i’ve really been missing our old apartment lately. a few months ago we decided to downsize so we can save more money to buy a house. at the time it was totally cool and i’d say it’s been pretty doable, but my stuff is busting at the seams and making me crazy! i found my glue gun in my dirty laundry and craft paint in the bed…seriously. my goal this weekend is to get things organized. in the meantime i’ve linked you to some of those magical spaces that i’ve been craving lately!

+ a boho kitchen remodel that has me drooling.
+ i’m loving this paint style to accentuate the furniture.
+ totally diggin’ this spanish style home.
+ i love love love a good office makeover.
+ emily henderson is my favorite person ever. i love her work!
+ more than anything, i just really want to make everyone jealous of our bathroom.

and if you feel so inclined, i have a pinterest board for each room of the house. check ’em out!

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